Matt Bucy Joins the “Before Homosexuals” Crew as Digital Colorist

Matt Bucy has previously done some beautiful cinematography for our film “Before Homosexuals”, and now we are thrilled to announce that he is joining our crew again as our Digital Colorist. Matt was recently recognized in American Cinematographer for his lighting and camera work on the award-winning recreation of 1960s TV, “Star Trek Continues (YouTube).” Our director, John Scagliotti says, “Now with Matt on board, we will be able to boldly go where no man has gone before!” His experimental film, “Of Oz the Wizard (Vimeo),” a re-edit of the MGM classic, went semi-viral in early 2016, after favorable reviews in the LA Times, on Buzzfeed, Vox, Dangerous Minds and others.

Color correction is one of the final frontiers left in our post production process. We are grateful to the support of so many in helping to create this amazing documentary.

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